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Green, who lost her parents young, was raised by her aunt and uncle. While still at school, her aunt died from cancer, and three months later her uncle was diagnosed with cancer, too. Green went on to earn her degree in physics at Alabama A&M University, being crowned Homecoming Queen while she was at it, before going on full scholarship to University of Alabama in Birmingham to earn her Masters and Ph.D. There Green would become the first to work out how to deliver nanoparticles into cancer cells exclusively, so that a laser could be used to remove them, and then successfully carry out her treatment on living animals. 


her studies thus far are only on head and neck cancers, but her theory is this treatment platform would work on all types of cancers. But needs $$$$ to keep doing research.

It seems the issue is how to target the cancer cells and in her head and neck cancer tests, she had success in mice by utilizing fda approved immunotherepy antibodies to deliver nano particles to mark the tumor. Then she could proceed to blast the shit out of cancer with fuckin lasers.

she was ready or prepared when opportunity arose

I’m so proud of her. I wish more young black women would go into science.


Yes!!!!! If she really does cure cancer, watch her name & face disappear behind some white man.

Don’t let it happen! She deserves all the credit.